Michael Booker

I specialize in rapid response to violent and volatile situations, breaching, security assessment, tactical building clearing, hostage rescue and dignitary protection.

I am a United States Army Veteran. I was a peace officer for 2 decades and in that time had gained a wide range of training and experience through my profession. I was shot in the line of duty in August of 2015 and forced to medically retire. One of the many humbling experiences since then was being honored as the 2016 recipient for the Red Cross Law Enforcement Hero Award. 


No longer working in a law enforcement capacity, I wanted to continue providing help to citizens by using my unique skill set and experience to provide training and advice to business, school and church staff on how to properly prepare and respond to an active shooter attack. 


I was a S.W.A.T. Team member and sniper for over a decade. I was the head instructor for the active shooter training course for the law enforcement agency I was a part of and tasked with training the agency staff as well as multiple law enforcement agencies and school officers on how to react and respond to an active shooter situation.

I have worked on special assignments alongside FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, Bureau of Land Management and the Secret Service. This included assisting the Secret Service with security for President Obama. I also provided dignitary protection and security for Congressman McCarthy.